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Mouse Free 5 days and counting...

Last Wednesday I ripped the back off the kitchen cupboard and found 2 more potential mouse holes.
I filled them with aluminium scourers and expanding foam and then left some delicious bait in the cupboard to see if there were any takers.
Then I released Surprise back into the mouse viewer once again!

As of Saturday the bait hadn't been touched so I'm relatively sure I have blocked the entry hole and that there are no stragglers left in the kitchen! (Tho what happened to The Fugative, I may never know!)

Today I saw a mouse in the mouse viewer, the first I have seen in there for a long time!
Imagine my surprise to find it was Surprise! His clipped fur is growing back but it was definitely him! :)

So that's good, he's in the mouse viewer where he should be, not in my cupboard!
I think most of my other mouse viewer visitors, probably Martha included have been relocated to the country home after their invasion of my kitchen. But it was nice to see Surprise again, on the right side of the glass! :)
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Repeat Offender

I came down to find a mouse in the pitfall trap this morning. Surprise, surprise, it was Surprise, my marked mouse. He just couldnt resist the bait of a ginger biscuit! XD'

I think Surprise might be my favorite mouse. He's got a lot of character, he always comes out of his nest box when I move the tank to see whats going on, and he's not shy at all. He likes apple slices and ginger biscuits.

Tomorrow I'm going to try and find the mouse hole and seal it up. Then I'll release Surprise in the garden again. Hopefully I'll only see him in the mouse viewer from then on!

In addition to the mouse invasion, after it rained all day, I'm now under siege from the great slug invasion! Tonnes of tiny slugs are everywhere, mostly heading for my veg patch! I'll be surprised if I have any veg left tomorrow! I just hope Pog, Hoggle and the frogs eat lots of them!
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The Great Mouse Invasion- Update

On wednesday night just before midnight I heard the pitfall trap trigger and caught a big mouse who joined Tiny in the mouse hotel.
I never got the chance to even take a mugshot of mouse no.8 as I went camping that afternoon, and my mum took Tiny and Anonymouse as he shall now be called to the release site.
I came back from camping today very much hoping the camera trap revealed no more mice! And surprise! What should I find but Surprise, the mouse I marked by trimming his fur, had found his way back in!
The only good thing about this is that now I know they are getting in still. But now I have to dismantle the cupboard to find out how.
As for the mouse that escaped before I could put it in the hotel, theres been no sign of it!
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Just another ordinary day. XD'

Crikey what a day!
The boss was poorly so she asked if I could mind the shop today tho I wasnt meant to be going in today, but I said yup.

So I rushed round trying to get organised and found 2 mice in my traps! One in the pitfall one in the bought trap.
I went to move the pitfall mouse to the tank and it somehow scampered up the tube and bounced away to hide under the fridge! Not a good start to the day! >_<
I managed to get the other mouse safely into the tank. Its quite a small one and was very alarmed and bouncing about everywhere!

The bought trap seems to catch small mice very well, I'm not sire if its cos they are smaller or if its due to inexperience.

Anyway there was only porridge in the house so I decided to treat myself to a maccy d breakfast since I knew it'd be a long day.
But it took ages to get served, so I had to get take out and run.
Then I stopped at the boss' house to collect the till, and my paremts house to collect some hedgehog toys for the window display. Then of course there was no free parking in town and I ended up in asda!

I did get the shop open on time by the skin of my teeth! And I had to eat my breakfast after opening, but fortunately it was quiet. Just browsing customers.

I actually sold some stuff, advised customers and took orders. I also sold some furniture. On top of this I finished painting the corner cabinet and finishing coated some of it. And made a sign for an order.

Then at the end of the day I had to deliver a cupboard I'd sold.

So really I did ok for an emergency shop keeper!

Mum helped by hanging out the washing and washing up while I was at work.
But I had to put that away when I got in, and clean out the mouse tank cos it was stinky. Tiny mouse stayed in its house while I dud that. I assume its in there, its much shyer then Surprise.

Anyway, fed the pigs, put pogs food out, had a dinner of rice crispies lol and now well past collapse point!

Its been quite an enjoyable day tho, but how people do 9-5 jobs day after day without collapsing I dont know.
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The Mouse Experiment

I waited up for Pog and her friend last night but by half past there was no sign of them. There was a police helicopter hovering about amd I think that put them off. They had eaten thier grub by this morning tho. X3

No new mice captured overnight. Surprise was getting bored so I came up with a plan.
I decided to mark Surprise so I can identify him and then release him in the garden and see if he reappears in the cupboard. Then I'll know that they can still get in! There wasnt time in the morning so he had to wait till this evening. I found a wsy to matk mice without harming them is by clipping a little fur off thier flank. Easier said than done. I put him in the bath tub, he did wall of death round it and tried to escape by clumbing the plug chain. I eventually managed to get him by throwing a tshirt over him and gently hilding him in place while I uncovered his back and snipped a little fur off.
He ended up with a very stylish bowtie shaped mark on his back right flank.
Then I released him into the mouse viewer and he scarpered right away.
So now we wait and see.
I'm sure he's telling all his mates his tale of alien abduction now, and he's got the marks to prove it! XD

It was a busy day at work.
I started painting a corner cabinet. Got on quite well.
Bailey Dog came in to be shop dog. He was rather whiney at first because he was so excited but then he settled down and was really good.

I met 2 puppies today. A st bernard and a collie. Both beautiful. The st bernard was in a buggy cos he was too young for walkies. He was like a fluffy teddy! The collie was sleek and beautiful. X3

I got a double sleeping bag from the charity shop today for £3.50 0_0 its a tesco value one so it wont be very good but with a load of blankets I figure itll be ok for Steve. Also my sleeping bag arrived in the post. Its a 3 season proper one so I'll be cosy. XD'

Rob from next door gifted me thier old patio table and chairs today which was nice of them. And I asked him about campsites. He reccomended the one Im planning on going to near the pottery and suggested another right near the herb center! So thats encouraging.

Hoping to get away this week of if not, next week!
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Olympog Sprinter and Mouse no. 6

Despite a knackering day, decided to wait up and see Pog as she seems to be coming regularly at about 9. On good form she turned up. It was lighter this evening so I had a better view of her. She stayed for ages, after snuffling up her mealworms she had a good ole scratch for at least 10 minutes. It seems to be a very itchy life being a hedgehog!

While I was watching her I heard thumps coming from the cupboard, it could only be another mouse! XD'
I checked the camera trap, and ta daa! Mouse no.6
So now I dont know. Is it another one still left over from the invasion, or did it come in by a mystery hole? If it came in, why doesnt it just go out again by the same hole when it finds nothing in there?

I hope its easier to catch than The Moustermind. But its already shoved the trap about and not gone in it.

Anyway, set up the pitfall again. Fingers crossed.

Then Pog had gone so I went to bed.
Pulling the curtauns I saw a small bumbling shape sprinting across the road! It was Pog! She sprinted along the fronts of all the houses in the street towards the end of the culdesack and the main road!
Its not a busy main road, but still. Even crossing the culdesack at 9:30pm could be risky. At least she was running fast, and has survivef this long.

Kyaa I do worry about her though! >_<"
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I am smarter than a mouse!

The Mousetermind has been apprehended!
Just gone midnight last night I woke and heard some dull thumps from downstairs.
Hoping it was a mouse trying to jump out of a bin, my latest feindish trap, I went to check.
It was! The pit fall trap had finally captured The Moustermind! X3

I put her in the mouse hotel and went back to bed. After a photoshoot of course. She was quite a different character to the other mice, who were shy and flighty. The Mousetermind was much calmer, and while careful, bolder too. She came out of the box I transfered her to the hotel in right away. But instead of bouncing every which way in a panic, she explored calmly looking for a way out and wasnt very bothered by my taking lots of photos.
She had a drink and a snack and was still exploring when I went back to bed.

I could hear her bouncing about later trying to find a weakspot to escape through, and chewing too. I had to get up to check she wasnt on the verge of a break out once.

I had to work today and didnt want to leave The Mousetermind in the house all day plotting her escape. I thought I might return to find she had changed all the locks on me. XD'

So it was a rush to take her to the spot I had released her family before work.

Hopefully, she'll reunite with them. With The Moustermind in charge I'm confident that my mouse family will be just fine. X3

Then it was a rush to a crazy day at work, and home late.

But there has been no further triggers of the camera trap since The Mousetermind was captured so I'm quietly confident that The Great Mouse Invasion is now over. XD'
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The Mousetermind

I woke up in the night so went to check the mouse trap. It was empty, I could hear scurrying tho, and then a cheeky mouse face appeared over the edge of the gap at the back of the cupboard. I think it was laughing at me. XD' So I devised a new trap using a bowl and a coin and set that up. This morning, still no capture. I checked the camera trap. That mouse has been everywhere, even up the ramp of the bought trap, but somehow avoided capture. Its pushed the trap around, been in and out of my homemade trap and still escaped capture! XD' I set up a drop trap with a bin this morning then did computer work hoping, but it hasent fallen for that either. The guest mice had been chewing the lid of the tank again so I decided to release them today even if I didnt catch thier companion. I made a starter mouse house froma sturdy large cardboard tube. I put a newspaper stopper one end, then filled a variety cereal box with nuts and seeds so they dont starve as they get used to thier new location. I also put some fresh bedding and hay in to keep them snug. After going to the studio in the afternoon, I returned to find still The Mousetermind still not captured, so I gathered my 4 mice friends and carried them in thier variety cereal box bed to thier new home. The box was warm on the outside from the snuggled mice inside. I saw one gathering bedding yesterday to make it even more snug. I put their bedroom with them inside in thier new starter home tube and blocked the exit with newspaper. Then I put itin my backpack and trekked to find them a good location. I hoped they wouldnt chew thier wat out as I was carrying them, I could just imagine mice dropping frommy backpack in a trail. XD' I did hear nibbling as I walked, but I think they had just found thier box of food supplies. Tho it's been cold again, its been a beautiful day. The sunshine and brisk cold breeze made the countryside look beautiful. I found a nice spot in a wood among a log pile and put the tube in place, removing the paper stopper. As I was putting logs on top to stop a fox or somthing getting in, a little mouse head peeped out the end, then leapt out to explore its new home. Though I know I couldnt keep them, I feel sad at saying goodbye to my mice friends. I worry if they'll be ok, if I chose a good location for them. I know its silly, but despite the trouble they caused, they are still beautiful, amazing precious little things. X3
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The Great Mouse Invasion Continues!

I checked the trap this morning and found nothing, but there was some mousey activity overnight. The oat bag had a new hole in it. Just a small one. I checked the camera trap and indeed there is at least one more mouse!

I rebaited the trap, set the camera and rushed out this morning, hoping I'd return to a captured mouse, but I only captured him on camera. He ran all round and over the trap, just not into it! So either he's some sort of mouse mastermind, or very stupid and cant find his way in!

Its a bit frustrating because I would rather release all the mice together.

Also I want to catch this last one and check that no more are getting in somehow!

Tomorrow I will release the ones I have though. Because there has been an escape attempt from mouse prison! 0_0
While I was out there must habe been some acrobatics. The top of the tank has been gnawed.
I figured they might climb the water bottle and try it, it looks like so far they couldnt get a good enough grip though.
Lets hope the tank lid lasts the night! 0_0"

There was activity in the mouse viewer overnight, so I intend to release my prisoner mice into a wild area far from anywhere as it seems I still have mice aplenty. XD'

Oh. On the crazy weather front, today started out beautiful, then went dull and a bit rainy, and then came manic gusts of winds then it thundered and lighteninged and hailed.
Cant blame the mice for wanting to live inside, its nuts out there at the moment! XD'
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Another crazy day

It started out so warm the pigs went out to graze for the morning.
Im glad I got them in before heading to the studio after lunch tho, on the way back, snow fell as the sun shone. It was rather beautiful. X3
This evening, the sky became so black I thought it would snow forever. It came down hard, but melted where it fell. Then it finally cleared and out came the sun again! Erring on the side of caution, I went out and tucked in the seedlings in my veggie bed in case it snows in the night.
One of the cucumber seeds in the greenhouse sprouted today. XD

That'd be enough crazy fir one day, but theres more!
I discovered 2 mice in my live trap this morning. Looked like they had been in there a while, they had chewed it up quite well.
Onr has a white tip to its tail, I've seen that one in the mouse viewer. They were both bigger than the first mouse I caught, and seemed to know my first guest, so I haf mum, dad and junior mouse staying in my hotel.
My mum came over and helped me clear out the cupboard. We put elastic bands round our trouser legs because, she told me a story of her dad trying to catch a mouse and it running up his trouser leg. XD
Overnight the mice had chewed up my bin bags and as we cleared out, also my washing up sponges, dusters, and as is traditon, the soap. XD'

We didnt come across any new guests, I even took the bottom board off and looked under the unit for holes. There was a huge hole where the pipe for the outside tap goes through. I think amd hope that the mice got into the cavity wall and then into the kitchen unit through that hole.
So I have filled it with expanding foam. If the mice chew through at least I'll know thats how they get in then.

I left the cupboard empty excrpt for the trap and oats bag and the camera trap. Before I set the camera going tho, I looked in and found mouse no.4 in the mouse trap!
Im really really hoping he was just hiding under the washing machine and then couldnt get out because I have filled his exit and that they aren't getting in some other way. If they are getting in another way, it'll mean ripping out the kitchen to find it. And I'll have to stop feeding the mice. :(
So I'm really hoping no more mice are still trapped inside. No sign of mice in the cupboard tomorrow would be the ideal result.

Anyway, for now I have 4 mouse guests in a tank awaiting release.
If I do catch more, at least they can all be rehomed together. They seem to know each other and all huddle up in the variety pack sized coco pops box I have provided as a bedroom.

They are very sweet, watching them in the tank has been great. Mum and Dad mouse jumped about like crazy when I first put them in. I know mice can jump high but its still amazing to see.

I hope they dont escape the tank in the night. The top is an easy chew through if they can get to it.
Last night I put the tank in the bathtub in case my first guest escaped. XD'

Gotta say that mousr trap had done well, 4 mice in under 24 hours!

So thats the mouse news.

Despite the excitement of finding my first mouse guest last night I looked out several times to ser if I could see Pog. I didn't but todays camera trap recordings revealed she was in the garden at 8:37 and around at 9ish when I wss looking out. So I dont know how I didnt see her!

Im going to look tonight too, its almost time. But I cant stay up, I'm working tomorrow, and today has been busy, and I've felt quite shattered all day as it is. But I hope I get to see her even from inside. X3


Yay, I saw Pog! She came about 9 just as I was going to give in and it was getting to dusky to see anything anyway. I caught a bumbling round shape on the path near the lavendar in the corner of my eye. I waited and hoped and then she was suddenly on the patio on the far side of the veggie patch. I have put the pigs play tunnels outside to wash in the rain and she went through one lol! XD
Then she wandered about near the table and towards the restaurant entrance. I thought she would go in for her meaty food but she didnt. I had laid a trail of mealworms up the side to a pile right in front of the back door, hoping to lure her close enough to see, and it totally worked!
She bumbled up as close as the mat. I heard her crunch a mealworm for real and she had a scratch.
It was quite dark so hard to see her properly but it was the best view I've had of her! She wandered back the way she came and I lost sight of her so had to call it a night.

But brilliant to get to see her so close for real without her running away. X3
Safe foraging Pog!